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Vinayak Rao

There is HOPE! Its been 2 months now since I have got my CVS episode and this is quite unbelievable because I never thought I

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My CVS story

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About us

Our mission is to give support to people with CVS and their families. We aim to raise awareness of the diagnosis of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome in the Nordic countries, mainly through the website, and to work with CVS Associations around the world to promote the annual CVS Awareness Day on March 5th.

We promote national and international fundraisers to encourage and promote research on CVS.

Our Team
Nina Hellebakken Hagen
Nina Hellebakken Hagen@nina_norway
Leader, Treasurer, Norwegian contact person
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Nina is from Norway and she has CVS Adult onset.

If you would like to contact her, you can write her in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English. She will reply in Norwegian or English.
Therese Johansson
Therese Johansson@therese_sweden
Deputy-leader, Secretary and Swedish contact person
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Therese is from Sweden and she has a child with CVS plus.

If you would like to contact her, you can write her in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English. She will reply in Swedish or English.
Finnish Contact Person
Finnish Contact
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Our Finnish contact person is on sick leave, and for the time being you have to contact Nina or Therese at in English or Swedish.
Ella Helgadóttir
Ella Helgadóttir@Ella_Iceland
Board member, Icealandic contact person
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Ella is from Iceland and she has CVS.

If you would like to contact her, she is fluent in Icelandic and English.
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Amanda is British and Danish but has grown up in Norway. She has a child with CVS.

If you would like to contact her, you can write her in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English. She will reply in Norwegian or English.
Medical Advisors
Dr Henrik Arnell
Dr Henrik ArnellMD, PhD, Head (Patient flow captain) of Pediatric Digestive Diseases
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Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital
Karolinska University Hospital
S-171 76 Stockholm

Phone +46-8-51771651
Mob/SMS +46-7-00021185
Fax +46-8-51777712
Greger Lindberg
Greger LindbergMD, PhD, Professor of Gastroenterology and Consultant Gastroenterologist
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Karolinska University Hospital,
Markus Färkkilä
Markus FärkkiläMD, PhD, Neurologist, Professor
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Aava Tapiola
Länsituulentie 1 A,
2. kerros,
02100 Espoo

Aava medical center

What people say about us

Thank you CVSA Nordic for bringing attention to this disease and for helping me find good medicine, so that I can live a normal life.

Cecilia Appelquist

This page has made living with this disease much easier for me and my son who has had CVS 4 years. He was diagnosed a year after he started having symptoms. He’s 17, and his episodes have been much lighter after we have received advice about supplements and medication. He never throws up anymore, and the frequency of episodes is halved. It’s easier to ask doctors about medication when you bring documentation on it to the doctor’s office. It’s also easier for neighbors and friends to believe that the disease is in fact real, when you can name other people with the same disease, and it has a website. To be thought lazy is an unwelcome burden on top of the illness. I’m forever grateful.

Evelyn Vartdal Skurtveit

4 years ago if it weren’t for the CVSA Nordic we would still be completely alone, isolated and in the dark as to what was wrong with our daughter. Thanks to their website and their advice/support we were able to get a formal diagnosis for her. Without that she wouldn’t have the treatment options she has today. They really do care and put in the time and effort in trying to ensure awareness is raised of CVS. Give the support sufferers and their caregivers need

Karen Young