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There are many ways you can help

CVSA Nordic is a non-profit organisation. No one in the organisation receives any form of salary for their labor. CVSA Nordic’s only source of income are donations, member-fees and affiliate provisions. If you find our services to be useful, we kindly ask you to consider contributing to the funding of the organisation, so that the members in our team can spend more time helping people with CVS, and less time raising money. Any amount, big or small, will help


The best way you can support us is to become a member


Directly through a gift

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While you shop your medications

CVSA Nordic has signed affiliate-contracts with the following webstores:
Gymgrossisten/Fitnesstukku, Proteinfabrikken and Kost1 where you can buy L-carnitine among other things.

When you follow the links provided to you on our website, CVSA Nordic will receive 5-10% of the total revenue from your shopping session. This is money that CVSA Nordic can use to help more people, without any of you having to pay increased member-fees or donations.


Buy a t-shirt

Whenever you buy an item in our CVS Awareness shop, we will receive a small amount that we can put directly into funding of this site.


Make other people pay

Having a birthday soon? Or is it time for giving Tuesday? There are many crowdfunding sites out there that lets you throw a fundraiser. 
Let us know about the fundraiser, so that we can promote it on our social media!