Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association


The member fee will increase in 2020

When we started CVSA Nordic, we wanted to keep the member fee low. We decided on 100 NOK. Unfortunately, we now see the need to raise this fee. Because we know that living with CVS is expensive, we would like to explain to you  why we see the need to do this.

CVSA Nordic came to be as a result of a few people in the Nordic countries looking for information on CVS online. None of us knew where to start looking. All of us felt we were alone and that our health was dependent on how much we, as a person, could find of information. Eventually, out paths crossed on facebook and in CVSA USA/Canada. Had we not found help and support, we don’t know where we would have been today.

A few years in, when we separately had gained more knowledge of CVS, and also started to realize how little knowledge there were of CVS in the health system in all the Nordic countries, we decided that we needed to create a place, not only where we could post all the information we would find on CVS, but also where we could try and gather as much information as possible of where to get help with CVS in the Nordic countries. That’s why we realized that starting a Nordic chapter of CVSA was the way to go.

When we sat down to plan how to build up this organization, we landed on this model:

  1. A website with the most informative text on CVS. We wanted to cover all possible side of CVS. We wanted people to find all the information they need in one place. No more looking around not knowing where to search. We had already done that job, why should everyone else have to do the same job, when we could present them with the information we had already looked it up for them?
  2. A forum where people can ask questions to the entire member base, and where all the members can give answers. Why ask only one person, when you can ask many?
  3. A National forum for the Nordic countries where we can keep information that is specific for the different countries. This is information that is not available in the other associations, because none of them cover any of the Nordic countries.

All the details can be found in our articles of organization.

To reach our goals, we needed a few things:

  1. A website, including av forum
  2. A place to host the website
  3. A way to handle members and payments
  4. A work-weekend where we could plan things out

The total expenses to reach this (spanning from April 2016 to today) has been:

Our total income in the same period has been 15.287,60 Nok. Which means that our net worth pr October 2019 is in the minus, – 10.471,96 Nok to be exact.

We have only one upcoming bill in the near future, but that is a bill of $429, and it is urgent. It is crucial if we shall be able to keep having members. Once this is paid though, we have paid the last bill of the big pile of expenses of building up the organization, and making the website. From here on, we go into the stage of keeping it up, and that is fortunately a lot cheaper. In the foreseen future, our upcoming expenses will mostly be toward webhosting. But we are, as described, not out of the woods yet. So we see no other way than to run another fundrasiser (the Christmas bauble campaign that you can read about further down in this newsletter), and also raise the memberfee to 120 Nok. The member fee will be raised by January 1st 2020.

You can be sure that all the income we have goes straight back into the organization. None of the people working here has any salary from this work.