Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association


International CVS Awareness Day on March 5th!

On March  5th we raise awareness of CVS together!

On International CVS Awareness Day March 5th we raise awareness of CVS together.  One way of bringing awareness is to wear awareness items. To prepare to raise awareness of CVS before March 5th you can buy awareness items for yourself, family and friends from our CVS awareness shop. Ribbons, T-shirts, hoodies, caps, cups, bracelets etc. can be bought with CVS awareness designs. The merchandise from spreadshirt is sent from Germany for the European platform, and USA for the North-American platform. Items may be subject to tax and VAT at arrival in destination country.  Printing, delivery and service by Spreadshirt. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can send it back! They have a 30 day return policy!  You can help us spread information about  our CVS awareness shop in social media so that more people can buy them in time to raise awareness of CVS on March 5th.

To raise awareness of CVS on March 5th, International CVS Awareness Day, you can :

  • Share CVSA Nordic’s CVSA Awareness Page:
  • Share your own story about CVS in social media.
  • Share other people’s stories about CVS from our blog in social media.
  • Retweet, like or share posts of CVS.
  • Wear something from our awareness shop or wear blue. 
  • You can share CVSA Nordic´s posts on social media and with your family and friends. 
  • You can share CVS awareness pictures and videos, many of which you can find in our library of CVS awareness items:
  • Share information, articles and studys about CVS from for example our website: 
  • Use our Twibbon and change your profile image on Facebook or Twitter for the day.  You add our CVS awareness ribbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile image here