Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association


Our forum and Facebook group

We want to be an interactive association and we’re not anything without you, our members. All of you have experience and information that can be useful to others. Our wish is that CVSA Nordic will be a good place for you to interact with each other. There are two ways to do this:

1. Our forum
Every question that is posted and answered in our forum, will be available for other people to find later on. This is the best way to collectively build up a knowledge-base for CVS-patients. Moderators will always pay attention to the forum.  Actually we prefer that you use the forum, if you don’t mind other people also reading your question. We are just as likely to give you an answer in the forum, as in an email, and when you post in the forum, there are many people to answer you, not only one.

To use our forum, you must login on our webpage
In the forum you can ask questions and get in contact with other members and read questions from other members. If you can’t login please let us know.

2. We also have a Facebook group we want members to attend. It’s only for members.
Go to and apply for it.
This group is also for questions and discussions. Please help us to be more interactive with each other, and support each other. Together we are stronger.