Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome Association


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Christmas Bauble


More and more people, tired of unwanted and unneeded presents, are showing their love by making meaningful donations in their friends’ name. This Christmas, you can donate by buying baubles, gifts, or even Santa clause for CVSA Nordic’s virtual Christmas tree. Every day in December, we will add items being bought, to our tree.

The Problem
CVS is not a particularily rare condition, only unknown. There are many people that has CVS for years without being diagnosed. And when they finally do get a diagnosis, they rarely find doctors that knows enough about CVS to give them the help that they need.

The Gift
This gift will enable CVSA Nordic to keep their website up, and support people with CVS. CVSA Nordic makes an effort to keep the information up to date, and help people find the right information to bring to the doctor. They are give direct support to their members through email and face book groups. CVSA Nordic gives HOPE to people with CVS.